Upcoming Events:​​

May 16th

Norwalk, OH

First Strike 

Top Secret

May 22nd

Beaver Springs, PA

First Strike

Top Secret

May 23rd

Reading, PA

First Strike

Top Secret

May 30th

Joilet, IL

First Strike

​Top Secret


New Press Release:

The "Eastern Raider" Returnssss!

Our Sponsors

Hanna Motorsports is proud to represent Daigle's Truck Master, and Teng Tools!  Click below to learn more information on our sponsors! 

Our team

Hanna Motorsports fields 3 jet cars with professionalism, reliability and performance as their standard.  The team is what makes it all happen, taking pride in every successful event.  To meet the entire team, click below.

Come Watch Us

Hanna Motorsports jet exhibition vehicles are an ultimate display of power on four wheels. These cars are propelled at speeds up to 300 MPH by fire breathing jet engines off of a F-5 fighter producing 4000 HP.

Welcome to Hanna Motorsports

Hanna Motorsports fields a 3 car jet team nationally. President, Al Hanna, has been drag racing professionally for 53 years. Alongside his wife Ellen, his son Rich and a strong supporting cast, the team runs 70 races annually across the county.