Jill Canuso named new BIC Lighter "Queen of Diamonds" Driver by Hanna Motorsports. BIC Lighter continues sponsorship with the team as well as Daigle's Truck Master.



Team debuts second generation "Top Secret". BIC Lighter renews sponsorship and adds the Funny Cars to the program. Lighter sales flourish. Strong schedule both seasons.



BIC Lighter is signed as title sponsor for the "Queen of Diamonds" jet dragster. BIC introduces an 8 lighter series featuring all three Hanna Motorsports Jet Cars and drivers.



Rich Hanna sets new World Speed and ET Record for Jet Funny Cars - 5.42 @ 295.08 MPH.



Hanna Motorsports debuts "Top Secret" with new driver - Ken Hall. AJK Engineering and East Coast Aerotech sponsorship continues with 82 race dates for team.



New driver for the "Queen of Diamonds" debuts at the IHRA "Jet Warz" event in May. Team runs 75 race date schedule both years.



Over 70 race dates with three car team sponsored by AJK Engineering.



New body for Jet FC - Auto Palace Stores sponsored ‘Eastern Raider’ Pontiac Firebird. Winniest Jet FC. 5’60’s @ 280 MPH ++.



Invented - through research - Extended Bell Mouth for Jet Funny Cars. First 5.70 in Jet Funny Car history.



‘New ‘Eastern Raider’ Thunderbird. Lot of work aerodynamically and weight wise. Performance picking up - running low 6’s @ 250 MPH. Car is truly beautiful.



Added Performance Centers of America as sponsorship. Ran 35 races nationally. 


New Sponsorship - ADAP - New body - ‘Eastern Raider’ Thunderbird. Aerodynamic to the max - light weight - running in the 5’s @ 270 MPH.



‘Eastern Raider’ Top Fuel Dragster. Partner - Don Marshall - - Mike Kase Chassis - Ran several events - Best et - 5.15@ 280 MPH. Car sold to Kenny Koretsky.



New look to Jet FC. Match races increase to over 40 appearances in one season. Running mid 6’s @ 240 MPH.



New Jet FC. Ford EXP - Licensed late 1982 - minimum match races with jet FC. Few match races with Nitro Mustang FC.



New ‘Eastern Raider’ Mustang. Beautiful car. Best Appearing - NHRA Gatornationals. Again, a fiercely competitive match racecar running low 6’s @ 240 MPH++.



New Jet Funny Car Arrives. Time to learn about jet engines and fuel systems. This is quite an educational challenge.



‘Eastern Raider’ Pinto and Mustang. Toured as member of ‘Coke Cavalcade of Stars’. Ran 66 events across nation and Canada.



'Eastern Raider' top fuel dragster was driven by Bob Beaulieu in 1977.



‘Eastern Raider’ Mustang. New Partner - Gary Richards. One of the fastest and quickest match race cars in the nation. 6.40’s @ 240 MPH.



Next car - ‘Eastern Raider’ Dodge. Gary Richards and Al Hanna ran half the season and split. Strong match race season. New company is formed - Pro-Race, Inc. Al and Ellen Hanna are principles. Purchased former ‘Eastern Raider’ Mustang for match racing and ordered new Mustang for 1980 season.



Hanna Pinto. Brought back prior Pinto for match racing. Mundet moved on. Match raced throughout east.



First ‘Eastern Raider’ Mustang. Next Revell Team Car. This car was a feature in ‘Cream’ Magazine with rock groups.



More Hanna/Mundet Pinto’s. First year as part of Revell All Star Team. Toured entire nation.



Added partner Joe Mundet for 1972. Converted the 1971 chassis to blower. Debuted at NHRA - Indy - #12 qualifier - 6.60’s @ 220 MPH.



The first ‘Eastern Raider’. This was the 2nd year of the Dodge Charger built by Lindblad. Al drove and tuned.



A new ‘Eastern Raider’ Pinto was built. This was a Lindblad chassis and featured an injected nitro motor. This machine ran in the 7’s as well. Featured in ‘East Coast’ Nitro F/C Circuit.



The 1969 ‘Yankee Peddler’ was built by Rollie Lindblad. Al drove and Bill Flynn was the tuner. The east’s first true flip top - ran mid-low 7’s @ 200 MPH.



The ‘Phantom Charger’ was added in 1968. This was the first tube-chassied nitro funny car for the Hanna’s. Mid-8’s @ 160+ MPH.



The first nitro funny car for the Hanna’s was the ‘Phantom ‘Cuda’. The car ran in the low 9’s to high 8’s @ 150 MPH.



The first professional race car for Al and Ellen Hanna was the 1966 Ford Fairlane running in the Super Stock B class.


History of Hanna Motorsports


Hanna Motorsports debuts new revolutionary side-driver jet dragster.



Pro-Race adds third car - ‘Eastern Raider’ Jet dragster. This car runs in the low 5’s @ 300 MPH.



The racing team gets a new sponsor and a new look from AutoWorks.  


New Paint scheme for Firebird - Rich Hanna starts driving - Car called ‘First Strike’ Firebird. Rick’s Auto Body sponsors Rich’s car. Rich is instant performer - winner of many fc events - 5’6’s @ 280 MPH.



Rich joins the Auto Palace team with his father Al. 


New paint scheme for the two Auto Palace cars. 


24 year old Sarah Edwards becomes the 5th female Queen of Diamonds jet dragster pilot.


Hanna Motorsports builds new dragster and brings back the Iconic name: The Eastern Raider. With a new car came a new driver, 26 year old Josh Graham.


Pro-Race dba’s Hanna Motorsports and fields three cars for season.



Dragster receives new driver and new name - The "Queen of Diamonds". A sponsorship agreement is formed with Bicycle Playing Cards. The car runs a best of 5.08 at nearly 307 MPH.



New car built - Bob Jenkins Chassis - Center-driver location - First in Jet FC history. Car is recognized as highest tech in jet fc history. Featured on ‘NHRA Today’ - Machine Design Magazine - and more.



Both BIC Lighter and GOJO Industries renew sponsorship of Hanna Motorsports Jets for 2012.



Team debuts second generation "Top Secret". BIC Lighter renews sponsorship and adds the Funny Cars to the program. Lighter sales flourish. Strong schedule both seasons.



XLerator Hand Dryer signs on as major sponsor for The Top Secret Jet Funny Car driven by Ken Hall. Gojo and BIC Lighter continue on with their support.



Queen of Diamonds 2 becomes the first jet powered drag racing vehicle ever tested in a wind tunnel at A2 in Moorseville, NC.