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-Atco, NJ

2014 Season Rolling Along

The Hanna Motorsports season is well under way now heading into the fourth of July weekend. June was full of events for the team and successful ones at that.

The Queen of Diamonds II has had steady performances at tracks in Michigan, NJ, MD and PA. Al has been touring with the car as always and has tweaked the radically designed car to a 5.36@296 best recorded at Capitol Raceway. The car is consistently lowering it’s times but Al and the team know that dropping a tenth of a second or gaining 5 mph doesn’t happen overnight. And, with 2 hot summer months ahead, it makes performance even more of a challenge. However, if a team can run well in that kind of weather, it is the Hanna’s. Rich recorded a 5.61@282 in 2900’ corrected altitude air several years ago (89 degree heat). It’s all about the combination, something that the team is working on every run gathering computer information as well as on board camera work studying air flow. The QOD II is a one of a kind machine that the Hanna team is slowly chipping away at performance wise. Stay tuned for Jill’s e.t and mph updates….

The funny cars have been busy as well in June. Again stopping in Michigan, WV, NJ, OH and PA. It sounds like a broken record but these cars are closer than most pro stockers are and at speeds over 270mph! The last race in PA produced side-by-side 4.00’s in the 1/8 mile. Earlier in the month, Ken posted his 5th best e.t. ever with a 5.72 and his 2nd best speed ever at 279.96 in Atco, NJ. Again it was a close race as Rich bested Ken with a holeshot 5.74 win. Of the month, Ken has the edge at 7-3. Rich is looking to turn that around heading into July! Check back as we compile the total wins/losses for the year between the two friends (off the track) and fierce competitors (on the track).