Upcoming 2022 Events:​​


East coast vs. west coast and F/C’s never closer!

A mid July event brought a new surprise to the QOD II camp, some new cars to race against in the form of the MAV TV cars “Terminal Velocity” and the “MAV TV Missile” of Tony Franco at the Maple Grove Super Chevy show. Also there to round out the 4 car show was Bob Van Sciver’s competitive “Jersey Thunder”. Saturday was Jill’s day clocking a best of 5.52 in the Maple Grove heat at 290mph and 2 wins under her belt. The Jersey Thunder ran a respectable 5.64 in rd 2 while the MAV TV cars ended the day with some nice passes after having a little trouble early on. Tony Franco’s machine seemed to be the perfect match for Jill’s ride so the two ended up facing each other twice on Sunday. Two great side by side runs followed with Tony edging Jill 5.54 to 5.51 rd 1 and then Jill caught the red eye by only .003(!) of a sec but still saw a great looking race of 5.52 to Tony’s 5.48 rd 2. It’s not too often that we have a chance to race different cars as the dragster category is a little smaller than it was back in the early 90’s so it was very much an enjoyable weekend for all. We are looking forward to seeing them again, maybe on their “turf” next time!

And Rich has had a good month vs Kenny evening that win/loss gap a bit during the month of July winning the 2 of 3 races in Columbus and at Island Dragway. But no run could top the final round at Capitol. The two bracket cars put on a clinic while making singles for the crowd and then prepared to race the side-by-side final on Saturday evening the 19th. Who cares who won this one, a 5.775 and a 5.776! Only one thousandth of a second apart! Enough said……. It doesn’t get much better than that, the crowd was buzzing after that duel. Here is the race on video (thanks to Jagger Naves and Earthshaking Entertainment for the video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pfs-qxyAWVI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The Maple Grove Truck event finishes off a strong July for the funny cars, the season is over half over already! Where does it go??? Jill runs at Quaker City in West Salem, OH as she tunes up to try and recapture her crown at the John Force Nite Under Fire in 3 weeks. Stay tuned for that, it’s a big one for team Hanna Motorsports!!!!!!!!!!!!